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Denim and Leather - Review- Beastmilk, Black Magician 25/03/2014

As a diverse crowd of Post Punkers, Hipsters, Goths and Black Metallers descended upon one of Manchester’s more eclectic venues in The Star and Garter for Finnish Post-Apocalyptic Death Rockers Beastmilk, one can only surmise that this is a band clearly set for bigger things. A small batch of UK dates saw them Manchester bound touring off the back of Last Year’s Debut Album Climax (Denim & Leathers No.4 Album of the Year )


Openers were Liverpool’s Own Black Magician, who should be familiar to anyone who has an L postcode and owns more than one Cathedral Album. Bringing their unique brand of ‘Olde English Doom’, they played choice cuts from their debut album Nature is the Devil’s Church and last year’s brilliant EP The Pursuivant which was released on Svart Records. With a hypnotic blend of distortion and Organ wailing all with a solid backbone of drumming, Black Magician certainly delivered, and their mix of sounds principally shine during the more upbeat and accelerated sections.


Bursting on stage with a quick Fire 1-2-3 Go, Beastmilk exploded into play cutting into their short but expansive set that drew heavily from last years fantastic debut album Climax whilst also offering tracks from their 2012 EP Use Your Deluge for the more commited of the gathering throng of misfits and Oddities. Offering a truly gloomy performace interlaced with Nuclear War Propoganda soundbites, the quick wit of front man kvohst (of Hexvessel, Dødheimsgard & Code fame) alongside very sparse lighting gave the show a very intimate feel indeed, and the Band truly delivered despite an abundance of on stage sound Issues. Once departed, they left the gathered ensemble whistling the melodys of ‘Death Reflects Us’ and ‘Surf the Apocalypse’ with an increased Paranoia of North Korea's nuclear capabilities on their commute home.


A band truly destined to go places, we were a lucky bunch to catch them at such an intimate show.  The world is certainly their Oyster, unless of course the nuclear apocalypse arrives first…..


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