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    Denim and Leather - June - Liverpool Metal Scene

    Nick Malone
    Throw the horns up and welcome our brilliant new columnist Nick Malone, who will be chatting all things hard rock and heavy metal.

    For the first edition of my new column I wanted to focus on something that’s at the very core of LowDown Magazine, and that’s great heavy music from the great city of Liverpool. There’s no shortage of promising up and comers from across the subgenres of metal that are starting to make their mark, as well as some greats that are still going strong today whom you may or may not know hail from Liverpool.

    Formed in 1990 initially as a Death/Doom Metal band, Anathema’s demo quickly caught the attention of bands from the English metal scene such as Paradise Lost and Bolt Thrower. Since these early days and across many releases and lineup changes their sound has evolved into the more poetic, atmospheric one that we know and love today. As pioneers of the dubbed ‘Death Doom’ genre, Anathema have gained a massive following all over the world, toured extensively and released nine records - most recently 2012’s ‘Weather Systems’. If you haven’t heard them before, or perhaps knew the name but didn’t realise they were from Liverpool, I would recommend starting with ‘Alternative 4’ and working your way around the discography from there if you like what you hear.

    Having just completed a UK tour, those of you that frequent the Liverpool metal scene may have caught self proclaimed ‘Caveman Battle Doom’ Metaller’s Conan at The Kazimier back
    at the end of April. Formed in 2006 and across two releases to date, this three piece have assaulted and awed audiences alike with their bone crushingly heavy riffs and thunderous vocals. Look out for future shows if you like your Doom heavy as it comes.

    Black Magician
    Formed through mutual appreciation of 70’s prog, eerie folklore, and truly good ale, one thing is clear about Black Magician; their subject matter is dark, and they mean it. Their fascination with the darker side of British history is displayed through slow, thick riffs, haunting vocals and a powerful Hammond organ. Since their first offering, 2012’s ‘Nature is the Devil’s Church’, Black Magician have worked hard to get themselves known playing shows up and down the country, notably a slot at the renowned Roadburn Festival, as well as many shows here in Liverpool.

    Iron Witch
    Finally we come to the ‘Whisky Soaked’, bluesy sounding sludge boys from Iron Witch. Think Black Sabbath meets Black Flag. If you like your doom with a bit more rhythm than repetition then be sure to check out their first EP, 2011’s ‘Single Malt’. Having recently supported the likes of Dragged Into Sunlight and Bat Sabbath, The Cancer Bats Sabbath tribute show, Iron Witch are heading onwards and upwards in the English doom scene, and are certainly ones to watch.

    Album of the Month

    'Circle’ Amorphis
    Nuclear Blast Records

    The 11th offering from Finnish storytellers Amorphis is a culmination of their progression into other genres over the past few releases. A mixture of heavy prog and folky goodness.

    Gig of the Month

    Download Festival

    Saturday Day Ticket - 15th June, Donnington Park 

    By no means the best UK metal festival out there, but if like me you’re going down for Maiden’s headline show on the Saturday, be sure to check out Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Katatonia, and Kvelertak while you’re there.

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