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Denim and Leather - Hammerfest VI Preview

Next weekend the strong arm of Chic Festivals roster comes to Pwllheli once more as a sold out Hammerfest 6: Book of the Dead ascends upon Haven. With a lineup as strong as ever, we’ll be there to catch all of the action with coverage of the whole weekend alongside band reviews on site the festival grounds. As ever, here are our top picks across the weekend not to be missed.

The Vintage Caravan

Bringing a refreshing feel to a stale 70s hard rock revival scene and setting themselves as serious ones to watch for the future are Iceland’s The Vintage Caravan. Originally formed in 2006, The Vintage Caravan members remain very young 8 years on but their sound is as mature and well-honed as anything out today. January saw the release of an absolute triumph in Voyage on Nuclear Blast and set the band off touring with the mighty Grand Magus, which brings both bands to Hammerfest next weekend, but you’ll have down a few Red Bulls if you want to catch their slot on Friday night as they’ll be taking to the Riffage Stage as the final act of the night at 01:50. Totally worth staying up for, and definitely wise to look out for.


Representing an alternative to the extreme at Hammerfest this year and a haven for power metal fans are the fantastic and the fantical of Gloryhammer. “Scotland - A highland realm of mystery, wonder, and epic battles from an ancient time, shrouded by magical mists.”- This is the general running theme from Gloryhammer’s debut concept album Tales from the kingdom of Fife, which is a surprisingly fun and fulfilling listen whether you’re a fan of epic power metal or not, and with just the right amount of humour instilled taking this band with the massive pinch of salt it deserves yields huge rewards. As the brainchild of Alestorm’s Christopher Bowes, Gloryhammer promise to be a riot to watch live both musically and visually and they can be caught on the main stage at 18:00 on Saturday, so grab your plastic sword and chainmail and join Angus McFife’s crusade at Hammerfest this year!


Grand Magus

Although we try to stay away from the bigger, more obvious names on the bill when choosing our top picks for festivals, it would be impossible to ignore Grand Magus as I have it on good authority they’re going to blow the roof off Hammerfest in their main stage slot at 20:30 next Friday night. Forever a ferocious presence both on stage and on record, it does of course go without saying that Grand Magus would be ones to look out for on any lineup, but the difference this time around is their berserker rage exuding new album Triumph and Power. A truly defining release on top of their already legendary back catalogue, this record defines what it means to uncontrollably pump your fist and grind your teeth along to epic heavy metal, and it needs to be seen live to be fully realised. So forget about ordering some Papa Johns until later on, Grand Magus are our number one pick across the weekend. HAIL!


Black Moth

Finally we come to Leeds based Mothic Horror masters Black Moth and salute giving sludge a kick up the arse with their fresh, infectious, female fronted sound. Playing at Hammerfest ahead of their as yet untitled second album release, we’re likely to hear some new material alongside works from their debut album The Killing Jar, which you can catch on the RIffage Stage at 19:00 Friday night. Having infected crowds everywhere from tiny venues to slots as big as Download Festival, Black Moth are the real deal, and not to be missed.


Well that’s it for our top picks for this year’s Hammerfest. There are of course more brilliant acts playing alongside the titans of Kreator and Overkill over the course of the weekend, so get yourself around the various stages and be sure to stop by at the right time and place to catch our favourites. Check back for full coverage of the weekend once your headache has started to die down, and we’ll soon you there \m/

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