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    Celebrate '40 years of Disco' at the Liverpool Echo Arena!


    Photograph used with permission by Impressive PR


    The ’40 years of Disco’ tour is visiting Liverpool next year! Sarah spoke to Boney M’s Maizie Williams about iconic songs and performing in Liverpool...


    Featuring iconic artists including Sister Sledge, Rose Royce, George McCrae, Odyssey, Taveres and The Real Thing, the ’40 years of Disco’ tour is presented by Tony Denton Promotions and visits arenas across the UK in March 2018.


    Maizie is very excited to join the tour, adding that she cannot wait to share the stage with this incredible line-up:


    “We’ve worked with all of them before and it’s such a good line-up. There’s The Real Thing, Sister Sledge and George McCrae - I mean wow!”



    Boney M's music is loved by fans across the world, with hits including ‘Mary’s Boy Child’ and ‘Rivers of Babylon’, which is one of Maizie’s favourite songs to perform:


    “We’re looking forward to performing all the songs; each one has their own character and melody. My favourite however has to be ‘Rivers of Babylon’. It’s the icing on the cake, really gets everyone going and you can hum, sing, dance along to it.



    The ’40 years of Disco tour’ visits the Liverpool Echo Arena on 18th March 2018. Liverpool is a city Boney M have visited before and Maizie cannot wait to perform to fans in the city next year:


    “We’ve performed in Liverpool several times over the years, but we haven’t performed there in a long time. It’s going to be really special for us and we’re looking forward to it. We’re all about having a good time. We want the fans to enjoy it, go back in time and revisit the songs all over again”


    Listening to Maizie’s love for music is inspiring and I adore every moment talking to her. Asking her how it feels to know that generations of fans are still discovering Boney M’s music, she adds:


    “It’s such a wonderful thing and makes me feel so good. There’s people who were fans of us in the seventies and they’re bringing their grandkids to the shows. It’s awesome and brings the generations together - music really connects people.


    When I grew up, I became a fan of the artists that my mum listened to. Music circulates, brings people together and you can relate to it. When you listen to a song, it reminds me of where you were and who you were with when you first head that song. Music resonates with you”.



    The ’40 years of Disco’ tour is at the Liverpool Echo Arena on 18th March 2018.


    By Sarah O' Hara




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