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    Carly Paoli joins Collabro on tour this Autumn

    Photograph used with permission by Republic Media


    Carly Paoli is one of the world’s greatest classical singers of all time. Having performed with Andrea Bocelli, Jose Carreras and Elaine Page, she is set to embark on a tour with the incredible Collabro this Autumn.


    Joining Collabro on their ‘Home’ tour, Carly will perform alongside the group at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall on Tuesday 24th October 2017.


    Speaking to Carly, she expressed her excitement for the tour and duetting with Collabro:



    “I’m thrilled to be sharing this opportunity with them. I was at a showcase a few days ago, where I performed the music that features on my debut album, Singing my Dreams, which is out on the 30th June. It was really lovely, because the guys from Collabro came along and they were so supportive. That was the first time we’ve met each other. The tour has been confirmed now and we can start working on the music and the duets we’ll be singing”.


    Discussing the music that audiences can expect to hear on the tour, Carly explains that the songs will be a mixture of both Classical and Musical Theatre numbers:


    “It’s nice for me with Collabro, as my album is classical cross-over music. I’ve been very influenced by the Operatic world and the Classical music world, but in my younger years I adored Musical Theatre. In my free time I still listen to Musical Theatre songs and it plays a huge feature in my music; the storytelling element. That’s something that Collabro are fantastic for; they’ve always been great performers of Musical Theatre tracks. It’ll be nice to go back to performing some of that material - I’m excited for that”.



    Prior to the highly anticipated ‘Home’ tour, Carly has recently released her debut album Singing my Dreams. Featuring original compositions and classical records, Carly describes how three years of live performance has inspired the creation of the album:


    “It was so special. I think the album is unique in a sense that normally artists will go into the studio and they’ll record a track and then they’ll perform a tour with those tracks. We’ve sort of done it in reverse. The music that features there [on the album] has taken three years to get together and I’ve actually performed all of the songs live, before I’ve gone into the studio to record them. For me, it gives a kind of added depth and emotion. When you’re recording, you’ve got a memory and connection to what it was like to sing that song live - the audience’s response. You become quite emotional and have a connection to what you’re singing”.


    Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, the album also features the London Symphony Orchestra:

    “For me, amongst everything, that’s the magic moment; when you’ve practiced a song and then you hear the Orchestra play, it’s really special”.


    Carly Paoli’s debut album Singing my Dreams is available now. 

    Carly joins Collabro on the ‘Home’ Tour at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall on Tuesday 24th October 2017.


    By Sarah O' Hara



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