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    Blues rock icon Dan Patlansky to embark on a UK tour this May



    Photograph (C) Allan Jones


    Blues rock icon and virtuoso guitarist Dan Patlansky is set to tour the UK this May.


    Having already supported musicians including the legendary Joe Satriani, Dan has certified himself as one of blues rock’s most exciting and incredible musicians.


    Asking him about touring with Joe, Dan explains that:

    “It was one of the greatest experiences touring with Joe [Satriani]. He’s the nicest gentleman I’ve ever met. I’ve learnt acres from Joe and he’s just a legend. Live he’s even more of a legend”.


    Following the release of the anthemic ‘Sonnova Faith’, Dan Patlansky’s Introvertigo UK Tour visits Manchester’s Deaf Institute on 3rd May 2017.


    If you haven’t heard ‘Sonnova Faith’, then turn up the stereo and immerse yourself in one of 2017’s top rock singles of the year. As the verses drop to vocals and rhythm, then kick back in with heavy rock-riffs, ‘Sonnova Faith’ takes you on a sonic journey of blues rock bliss.



    Dan explains that with the single he was “going for the heavier side of blues rock”, crediting his parents for their influence on his love for this genre of music:



    “In South Africa there wasn’t much blues rock, but my parents were listening to this style of music. Pink Floyd was the first band I fell in love with, then I started listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan and Led Zeppelin”. Then at thirteen I started playing guitar and I felt like I’d known it [blues rock] all my life. It was a natural fit”

    Along with ‘Sonnova Faith’, prepare to hear incredible tracks from Dan Patlansky’s Introvertigo album during his UK tour. Fusing his personal life experiences with awe-inspiring musicianship, Dan adds that his music has “loud passionate energy”.



    Joining Dan on the tour is fellow guitarist Ash Wilson, who Dan describes as “musically fantastic -it’s great having him on the road with us”


    Dan Patlansky’s Introvertigo tour visits Manchester Deaf Institute on 3rd May 2017.

    To find out more and to purchase tickets, please call the Box Office: 0161 276 9350



    By Sarah O’ Hara



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