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    Be enchanted with Lush's 'Tales of Bath'

    Once upon a time there was a magical spa treatment called Tales of Bath. Its enchanting embrace grasped all who experienced it, enticing them into a land of relaxation and serenity.


    But this is not just a story…it’s a reality!


    Theatrical, beautiful and magnificent, Tales of Bath is certainly the fairest of them all. Inspired by the beautiful city of Bath and the hot springs it is famous for, Lush’s latest spa treatment is a blissful journey.


    Your journey begins as soon as you walk through the doors. My therapist was like my own fairy godmother; her soothing voice guiding me through an unforgettable experience. Always on hand to answer any questions, she explained the treatment in full detail, building the excitement for what lay ahead. In her hands I felt safe, ready to take that first step into my own magical adventure.


    Immersed in a swirl of beautiful colours, the world outside was swept away from the instant my shoulder and arm massage began. The massage released any tension I felt in my muscles, while my mind settled and focused on the music. Accompanied by atmospheric poetry and melody, written especially by artists and musicians from Bath, this innovative and creative backdrop set the scene for the fairytale I was about to enter.


    The fairy tale aspect I won’t tell you much about, because like a good story, I’d rather you enjoy this for yourself. No matter your age, or whether you have outgrown the myths and fables of your childhood, this treatment will bring back those memories of princes and forests that you will never want to forget again. There are some exquisite surprises, quirky twists – including a goblet of delicious tea – and lot of care and attention in this cauldron of magical relaxation.


    Closing with a warm and soothing full body massage, using one of Lush’s beautiful massage bars, your senses remain in a full state of relaxation. The therapist was very attentive and thoughtful throughout, always tailoring the massage to my wishes and needs. I felt a complete sense of happiness and contentment; my mind shut off from thoughts of the day. I could hardly keep my eyes open I was so relaxed, but I didn’t want to miss a moment of this divine treatment.


    Even after the treatment had finished, the therapist let me take my time leaving the spa. There was no rush out the door, which was lovely and helped to keep my relaxed long after the treatment had finished. Lush’s massages are some the finest and most unique treatments I have ever experienced, while their staff are some of the kindest and most skilled therapists I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.


    With a click of my heels, I left the spa and headed back into the world. Much like the fairy tales of our childhoods, Tales of Bath will stay with me forever. This is one enchanted land – or should I say spa - I hope to revisit again someday.


    By Sarah O' Hara



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