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    Altered Images to perform at Rewind North 2017!

    Photograph (C) MIchael Palmer


    We talk to Clare Grogan of Altered Images about Rewind North 2017!


    From ‘Don’t talk to me about love’ to ‘I could be happy’ and more, Clare cannot wait to get back onstage and perform these iconic hits to the Rewind North audience:


    “I love it - I almost wish I could gift wrap it for people! (Laughs) I really do! It takes my breath away. The Rewind shows are such brilliant events; everyone is there to have a good time and the energy of it lifts you as well. It’s a precious thing. For this show I’ll be working with the Rewind Band, who are an amazing set of musicians, but I also have my own band who are a group of girls from Glasgow. They’re just so into the music and it’s genuinely a joy to have the chance to do it”.


    Reflecting on the atmosphere of the festival, she explains how Rewind has an emotional connection for both the audience and the musicians:


    “The whole thing [Rewind Festival] is really exciting, it really is. I’ve been saying this a lot to people recently, but the eighties revival has lasted longer than the decade itself and I ask myself, ‘why is that?’ all the time. It’s not just nostalgia; nostalgia plays a part in it, but people really love the songs and a lot of the acts that continue to play, their careers have developed on different levels. For me, I really love the opportunity of getting to stand in front of my peers - people who grew up with me and I grew up with them and we had similar tastes in music and in fashion - and I feel a massive emotional connection to it”.


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    Having signed a record deal at the age of 18 with Altered Images, Clare adds that:


    “If someone had told me at eighteen that I’d still be doing it in my fifties, I would have thought there was something really weird about that, but it’s not weird at all. It doesn’t feel weird, it feels really cool”.


    And cool it is. Clare is an amazing singer and anyone who has seen her live before will know that her energy bursts from the stage and captures your attention in sensational performances.


    Clare’s love for music radiates in every word of our conversation as we continue to discuss Altered Images and being a music fan:


    “I have such a big emotional connection to music. It’s such a big part of my life and I still crank up the radio whenever I hear a tune that I like. I really feel it and it goes back to me ultimately being a fan at heart. I’m a fan that got the opportunity to become a lead singer”.



    Altered Images will perform at Rewind North Festival on Saturday 5th August 2017.


    By Sarah O' Hara



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