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    Adventure into Wonderland at the Liverpool Empire!

    Photograph used with permission by the Liverpool Empire Theatre


    Liverpool Empire Theatre, Monday 12th June 2017


    With a step and a jump and a leap through The Looking Glass, prepare to enter Wonderland.


    The award winning musical is a technicolour swirl of inspiration and sensation. Based on the classic Lewis Carol story, this contemporary interpretation is unique, uplifting and undeniably beautiful.


    The now forty year old Alice is down on her luck and wishing to escape the real world. Along with her daughter Ellie and quiet neighbour Jack, she follows the White Rabbit into Wonderland where their adventure begins.


    This bold, bright and beautiful production is an adventure for both the audience and the characters onstage. It is a must see for all the family; a heart-warming tale that inspires you to seize the day and live each day to the full.


    As they start their adventure, the impeccable scenery (designed by Andrew Riley), captures your imagination as the sets change from the grey of Alice’s home to the multicoloured lights of the Rabbit Hole.


    Hats off too (if you pardon the pun!) to Grace Smart whose costume designs, particularly the Mad Hatter’s stylish plaid coat and Alice’s dress, perfectly blend the production’s contemporary interpretation with classic Victoriana style.


    Wonderland would not be Wonderland however, without the vibrant characters that call the world their home. Kayi Ushe’s Caterpillar was phenomenal; his voice soaring majestically from the stage. An incredible singer during ‘Advice from a Caterpillar’, every note was flawless and his performance was sensational. From the impressive acrobatics of Dominic Owen as the Cheshire Cat, to Michelle Pentecost’s engaging transformation as the Mad Hatter, every member of the cast gave a five star performance throughout.


    As Alice, Kerry Ellis is both an inspirational character and inspirational performer. Her voice took my breath away, while the chemistry between herself and Naomi Morris as Ellie during ‘Once more I can see’ touched my heart and left me with tears in my eyes. It was a beautiful moment. Kerry Ellis is one of the greatest musical theatre performers of all time, while Naomi Morris is a performer who is one of musical theatre’s rising stars and certainly one to watch out for in the future. Individually they are incredible; together they are the brightest stars and breathtaking to watch.


    Completing this adventurous trio is the brilliant Stephen Webb as Jack. Both sweet and dashing as our charming hero, his performance will leave you smiling throughout. Between boyband style songs like ‘One Knight’, featuring some impressive dance moves and excellent vocal harmonies from the cast, the audience were cheering for more!


    Let Wonderland take you on a journey you’ll want to relive again and again.


    5 stars


    By Sarah O' Hara



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