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      Aloha (a tropical hideaway and drunken parrot sanctuary) is a relatively new addition to RopeWalks, Liverpool’s Independent Quarter. It is, so local folklore has it, the realisation of a dream. A dream in which three Liverpudlians imagined a tropical haven, a kind of utopia, where everybody was happy and enjoying themselves, where the people were beautiful (and when we say people we mean girls!) and rum and tequila flowed.

      When reality dawned and the aforementioned idealists accepted they had little chance of escaping to paradise, they did what any enterprising group of Scousers would do - and improvised.

      Consequently, paradise was brought to life on Colquitt Street in the form of a Tiki bar - an exotic themed drinking establishment, serving fancy cocktails. Using a Superlatives Sum: awesome drinks x great service x brilliant music x excellent value for money = a top night out, Aloha has made use of a winning formula.

      As if offering a unique night out to the city’s residents and those visiting from further afield wasn’t enough to be getting on with, Aloha has four ‘secret’ aims that further enhance its unique quality. ‘Secret’ in the loosest sense of the word, as in we’re not telling you, but if you visit their website all will be revealed...

      Aloha is open 5pm until late seven days